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    a Climate Reality Chapter

    A group of citizen activists attending a chapters presentation.

    Across the country, everyday Americans are joining Climate Reality chapters and working together for practical climate solutions and demanding a just transition in communities from sea to shining sea.

    These friends, neighbors, and colleagues are bringing clean energy to their towns, advocating for ambitious federal climate policies in the United States, standing strong in opposition to petrochemical development projects, and so much more. Most of all, they’re working together to make a real difference for our planet where it matters – and you can too! 

    Join a Climate Reality chapter today and join the fight for a sustainable, just, and equitable future. 



    Why Join a Chapter

    Simon Aron

    Simon Aron

    Former LA Youth Committee Co-Chair

    "Almost a year ago I reached out to my local Climate Reality chapter, and before I knew it I was talking to our co-chair about launching something new and exciting: the Green Schools Campaign. Through my work in the chapter I made connections and learned skills that I would not have found anywhere else. It was the start of my journey in to activism, and I hope it will be the start of yours too."


    Dr. Jairo H. Garcia

    Atlanta, GA Chapter Co-Chair

    “As I learned about the devastating impacts of climate change to the planet, I was in a search for a supportive group where I could share my worries and my hopes. I was blessed to find the Climate Reality family, which I consider the best of humanity. I don't feel alone anymore. The Climate Reality Project brings us together - from scientists to community organizers, people of faith, conscious politicians, and even regular individuals - so we can tackle the monster of climate change, and with it, we are building a better future for us, for our children, and for the children of our children.”


    Tina Katsanos

    Charlotte, NC Chapter Chair

    “After I was trained, I joined the Charlotte, NC chapter and became super active. I am currently the chair of the Charlotte chapter and I am proud of the efforts we have engaged in, especially in conjunction with other local environmental groups. This work is a reason for living. We have formed invaluable alliances with other groups in Charlotte and have garnered respect for The Climate Reality Project in Charlotte, NC. The educational resources provided to us by The Climate Reality Project have been key to our success and for that I am grateful.”


    What IS A Chapter?

    Whether you’re a lifelong environmentalist or a new activist just starting out, there’s a place for you in your local Climate Reality chapter.

    Climate Reality chapters bring together people of all backgrounds and lived experiences to push for practical clean energy solutions in their communities and fight for ambitious climate policy on the federal level.

    Chapters give members the opportunity to draw on Climate Reality’s support and expertise, while creating and executing their own plans for climate action at the local level.

    Already, Climate Reality chapters have become a vital force for progress, helping expand clean energy alternatives, tackling the legacy of fossil fuels in low-income communities, and pushing for federal climate policy, to name just a few of the many campaigns currently underway.

    The only pre-requisite to joining a chapter is the desire to make a difference. And with over 140 chapters and growing in cities, towns, and campuses across the US, there are many ways to get involved with other passionate climate activists in your community.

    Why Join?

    By joining your local Climate Reality chapter, you’ll:

    • Connect with a local network of passionate climate activists just like you.
    • Gain the skills and have access to the resources you need to help you make a difference.
    • Help bring real climate solutions to your community.
    • Ensure the US continues to move forward at this critical time in the fight for federal climate action and policy.




    Ready to join? Check the map or list to see if there’s an existing chapter near you! If there is, sign up here to start receiving more information from the chapter chair.



    With supportive federal leadership, we have the chance to think big and act boldly. To confront the climate crisis threatening our future. To get workers and families devastated by the pandemic back on their feet. To finally face the racial injustice destroying dreams and lives across the country. Ready to get started? The Our Climate Moment™ campaign is mobilizing activists like you across the United States to make Congress and the Biden Administration act quickly on targeted policy solutions.

    This is our climate moment – and we can’t afford to waste it. As for making Congress act? That’s up to us. So, let’s get to work.


    Inconvenient Youth is our space for passionate young climate organizers to promote public awareness on the climate crisis, plug into initiatives and campaigns around the climate crisis and the various possible solutions, and build the youth climate justice movement from the ground up with support from Climate Reality. We aim to create a virtual community and space that places environmental and climate justice at the center of its work, and uplifts the voices of young people across the country and the globe. Young people are essential to seeing change on the national and global stage, and Inconvenient Youth is a community of young people committed to radical change.

    To get plugged into , join your local chapter! If you’re a student, you can also join your university’s Campus Corps chapter – or start one if your college doesn’t already have one established. Check it out!

    We have the power to change

    The shift to a clean energy economy is on – and accelerating by the day. Today, cities, businesses, and colleges and universities of all sizes are seeing the threat of climate change and taking action by switching to affordable clean energy from wind, solar, and other power sources. By choosing clean energy, they’re cutting their greenhouse gas emissions and creating a healthier environment for their citizens and customers – and a brighter future for our planet.

    Ready to join them? Join Climate Reality’s 100% Committed™ campaign and pledge to help your community, business, or school shift to 100% clean energy. With the cost of clean energy plummeting every year, it’s never been easier or more affordable.

    Believe in the power of your own voice. The more noise you make, the more accountability you demand from your leaders, the more our world will change for the better - AL GORE Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project