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The shift to a clean energy economy is on – and accelerating by the day. Today, cities, businesses, and colleges and universities of all sizes are seeing the threat of climate change and taking action by switching to affordable renewable electricity from wind, solar, and other sources. By choosing renewables, they’re cutting their greenhouse gas emissions and creating a healthier environment for their citizens and customers – and a brighter future for our planet. 

Ready to join them? Join Climate Reality’s 100% Committed campaign and pledge to help your community, business, or school shift to 100 percent renewable electricity. With the cost of clean energy plummeting every year, it’s never been easier or more affordable. As we like to say, 100 percent renewable is 100 percent doable.


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You see how the climate crisis is devastating our planet, thanks to dirty fossil fuels. And you want to solve the crisis and see a clean energy economy where solar, wind, and other renewables create hundreds of thousands of jobs and power our lives without polluting our atmosphere.

Most importantly, you’re ready to help. You’re ready to commit to renewable electricity and join like-minded citizens, companies, communities, schools, and others all around the world to make a sustainable future a reality. You’re 100% Committed.


Year after year, the cost of wind, solar, and other renewable energy technologies continues to fall. In more and more regions of the US and around the world, energy from renewables is as cheap or cheaper than dirty fossil fuel energy. The result: shifting to 100 percent renewable electricity is easier and more affordable than most people realize, allowing you not only cut emissions but often also trim costs and save money in a big way.

We’re here to help. Join 100% Committed and we’ll help you organize your community to speak up for clean energy solutions and chart the path to sustainability that’s right for your company, college, or community.

Already, we’ve helped communities like Salt Lake City, Park City, and Moab in Utah as well as Boulder and Aspen in Colorado and Shandaken in New York make the commitment. We’ve seen Colorado State University, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Plymouth State University, and Hampshire College commit to renewable electricity. We’ve helped resorts like Belleayre, Gore, and Whiteface Mountain in New York, and St. Moritz move toward a clean energy future. The list goes on – and you could be next.

Download our 100% Committed Toolkit

The climate movement is at a critical turning point in the fight for commonsense solutions to the climate crisis. The good news is that the power to make meaningful progress on climate change is in our hands. One way you can take action is by joining our 100% Committed campaign to help communities, businesses, and schools shift to 100-percent renewable electricity.

By organizing around 100% Committed, you’ll join communities like Salt Lake City in Utah, Boulder and Aspen in Colorado, and Shandanken in New York, as well as universities such as Colorado State University, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, Plymouth State University, and Hampshire College.

Download our 100% Committed Toolkit now to get a step-by-step guide to building your campaign, as well as all the tips and resources you’ll need to organize your community and work with your school, city or town, or local businesses to shift to 100-percent renewable electricity.


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