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    December 07, 2016 | 6:05 PM

    Statement From Ken Berlin, President And Ceo Of The Climate Reality Project, On President-elect Trump’s Nomination Of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt To Epa Administrator

    On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump nominated Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, Ken Berlin, released the following statement on the appointment.

    “The EPA’s mission is a simple one—to protect human health and the environment—and President-elect Trump has an obligation to choose leadership best suited to the task. In this instance he has failed mightily.

    “In addition to protecting our air and water, a critical part of meeting the EPA’s responsibilities is addressing the climate crisis.  Attorney General Pruitt’s constant attacks on the Clean Power Plan and numerous squabbles with the EPA have proven that he is willing to put the interests of the fossil fuel industry above all else, even public health.

    “President-elect Trump campaigned on a promise of advancing American leadership and creating jobs. The EPA’s landmark Clean Power Plan has not only restored the US as a global leader in the fight to solve the climate crisis, but by spurring the growth of the clean energy sector, it will also help create and support thousands of good well-paying jobs. Indeed, in 2015 alone, there were already 724,000 Americans employed in clean energy. These are the very benefits that Attorney General Pruitt has sought to roll back by attempting to block the plan. 

    “Science and public opinion are on our side, and I hope that, if confirmed, Attorney General Pruitt will listen to the voices of the millions of scientists, environmentalists, activists, citizens, and experts urging continued federal support for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If this Administration willfully obstructs solutions to the climate crisis, The Climate Reality Project stands ready to fight wherever and however to protect our planet for future generations.”