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    March 16, 2017 | 3:14 PM

    Statement From Ken Berlin, President and Ceo of the Climate Reality Project, on President Trump’s Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards

    Yesterday in Michigan, President Trump announced that his administration would ask the EPA to reconsider its decision reaffirming fuel economy standards aimed at cutting carbon emissions from vehicles. In response, the president and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, Ken Berlin, released the following statement.

    “Instead of slamming the brakes on the dangerous carbon emissions driving the climate crisis, President Trump is once again stepping on the gas. Seeking to undo fuel efficiency standards that drastically lower both greenhouse gas emissions and US consumption of foreign oil is like running through a red light right into a busy intersection—unwise and potentially catastrophic. And it stands in stark contrast to the opinion of the overwhelming majority of Americans who want to see carmakers continue to improve fuel economy standards.

    “It’s not hard to see why the EPA’s fuel economy standards are so popular. These common-sense measures save the average American consumer thousands of dollars a year. Fuel efficiency rules also stimulate American innovation, ensuring that the cars that roll out of Detroit and plants across the country are among the best and most desirable in the world. If Americans want cars and trucks that can travel farther and faster without obscene amounts of expensive foreign oil, why is the president standing in the way?

    “These standards don’t just make sense for consumers. They make sense for the planet. The EPA estimated that fully implementing these rules would reduce carbon pollution by 6 billion tons and oil consumption by 12 million barrels by 2025. Seeking to roll back this rule puts everyone at risk, as increased carbon pollution compromises the quality of our air and water and our ability to fight the climate crisis. This is yet another order by and for big industry, and the average American is being pushed to the back seat – if not out the door.

    “If President Trump wanted to put the average American first, he would work to meet our Paris Agreement commitments by implementing and strengthening anti-pollution efforts like fuel efficiency standards. The good news, however, is that Big Industry can only ignore increasing demand for fuel-efficient and electric vehicles for so long. Thirty US cities have indicated their willingness to buy electric vehicles to reduce the impacts vehicle carbon emissions have on our environment and climate. President Trump would be wise to start listening to the voices of the American people, instead of coddling Big Industry.”