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Global Dialogue on Just Transition


girl writing sign "there is no planet b"

Join us for this global dialogue moderated by Al Gore.

The term "just transition" is fast becoming a key part of climate advocates' vocabulary worldwide, as we work to quickly shift global energy use from polluting and climate-changing fossil fuels to clean sources like wind and solar.

But with community input core to the process, what a just transition actually means in practice can look very different all around the world. Join us for a dialogue with advocates from Climate Reality branches in Europe, the US, and Japan to explore varying perspectives on what a truly just transition is for their respective communities, share best practices, and learn how we can accelerate this process planet-wide. 

Join us for this global dialogue and learn more about:

  • How advocates can support clean electricity initiatives at every level, from local all the way up to national.
  • Proven strategies for advocating for clean energy installations and incentives.
  • Fighting new fossil fuel infrastructure and industry greenwashing.
  • How a just transition can create good green jobs with a future for workers and new opportunities for disadvantaged communities.

This event will feature speakers from the US, Europe, and Japan. It will be hosted at Europe - CEST 2PM / US - CDT 7AM / Japan - 9PM JST (times listed in local time zones).

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