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Urge Wealthy G20 Countries to Stop Public Funding of Fossil Fuels


Fossil fuel pollution with dollars and euros superimposed on top

At a time when we need climate leadership from the wealthiest nations, many G20 countries are funneling massive sums of cash to dangerous fossil fuels both at home and abroad. In 2022 alone, fossil fuel subsidies rose to $1.3 trillion globally — more than doubling since 2020. 

In the United States, the Export-Import Bank of the United States just approved $500 million to significantly scale up oil and gas production in Bahrain. And while Canada has promised to end international public finance for fossil fuels, their government continues to spend billions on oil and gas projects domestically. 

Devoting public funds to artificially lower the cost of coal, oil, and natural gas only serves to boost Big Oil profits at the expense of our health and livelihoods. These funds could go to better use like advancing affordable, clean energy options or important investments in health care or education. 

It’s time to phase out fossil fuels to stave off the worst of the climate crisis. Tell wealthy G20 countries to stop the public financing of fossil fuels.