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Tell Congress: The American People Support the LNG Pause


Liquefied natural gas plant

The science couldn't be clearer: The world has six years to cut fossil fuel emissions in half – or risk a future of runaway climate change. 

That's why the Biden Administration's decision to pause pending approvals for new liquified natural gas (LNG) export facilities is so critical. The pause enables the Department of Energy to study the dangerous climate and health impacts of these facilities before making any decisions. 

Burning natural gas drives climate change. With the US already exporting nearly 90 million tons of LNG annually, building even more facilities won't help our allies break free of Russian gas today. But it will ensure even more climate devastation tomorrow. Especially with new research showing that transporting LNG can create significantly greater global warming pollution than burning coal.  

The threat goes beyond the climate. LNG facilities are often sited next to lower-income neighborhoods and communities of color who do not want them. They pay the price in polluted air and greater cancer risks while plant owners make billions. 

We can burn fossil fuels like LNG. Or we can have a livable future. But we can only pick one. 

Take action today and tell your members of Congress you support the Biden Administration's pause on new LNG export facilities. It's the right choice for the US – and the right choice for the planet.