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Share Your Story for World Leaders at COP 28


World Bank

COP 28 – the annual UN climate summit – will see global leaders converge in Dubai during what may be the hottest year on record, with simultaneous climate disasters unfolding worldwide, offering a preview of our future and adding fresh urgency to talks.

It’s critical that we make our demands to world leaders crystal clear and work for an agreement at COP 28 to: 

  1. Phase out all fossil fuels and fossil fuel subsidies.
  2. Increase funding for climate solutions in countries that are most impacted.
  3. Reform future COP processes so fossil fuel interests can't block progress.

This is where you come in. We’re looking for personal stories from climate advocates from around the world that highlight these demands. 

Please share (in video or written format) your response to one or more of these prompts:

  • How will phasing out fossil fuels, increasing funding for climate solutions, or reforming future COP processes impact you and your community? 
  • What actions do you want world leaders to take at this year’s COP 28 conference?
  • Share your personal experience with issues like emissions reduction, climate finance, greenwashing, or COP reform.

With your permission, we’ll share select portions of videos and statements on the ground at COP 28 and/or on Climate Reality’s social media channels or website, including during our 24 Hours of Reality media event. If you would like to submit a video or photo, please follow the prompts after you submit the form.

If additional information is needed, a Climate Reality staffer may contact you.