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Tell the World Bank to Stop Funding Fossil Fuels


World currency next to smoke stacks

With President Banga at the helm, the World Bank has taken important steps to dramatically increase funding for projects relevant to the climate crisis with approximately 45% of lending expected to go to this work. Additionally, the World Bank has made new commitments to assist countries in the Global South facing natural disasters that are more frequent and intense due to climate change.  

Although these are hopeful signs that the bank is moving in the right direction on climate finance, we are concerned that the World Bank is failing to fully meet the scale and urgency of this moment. 

Join us in calling on the World Bank to:  

  • End all financing for fossil fuel projects worldwide.

  • Use World Bank lending to accelerate a just transition to clean energy in the Global South and beyond.  

  • Ensure Global South nations have access to the fair credit they need to build healthy and resilient net-zero economies.