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Tell Congress: Protect the EPA’s Power Plant Pollution Limits


An image of a power plant with emissions coming out of smokestacks.

The Environmental Protect Agency just finalized historic limits on pollution from power plants — an action years in the making.  

Under these life-saving protections, existing coal-fired power plants and new gas-fired power plants in the United States would have to control 90 percent of their carbon dioxide emissions or face closure.  

In practice, this new rule from the Biden Administration would significantly accelerate the transition to from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy and generate a projected $370 billion in climate and public health net benefits over the next two decades.  

Once in effect, it will be a centerpiece of the United States’ plan to combat the climate crisis by cutting 1.38 billion metric tons of harmful carbon pollution in the coming years. Yet, corporate polluters and their cronies in Congress are already plotting to prevent this rule from ever going into effect.  

Will you speak out again to keep these landmark EPA protections in place and protect vulnerable communities from dangerous air pollution? 

Tell Congress: Defend the EPA’s major power plant rule that curbs greenhouse gas emissions and safeguards our health.