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10 Key Facts on Climate and Justice (VIDEO)

Join four members of the Climate Reality team as they break down critical facts about climate science, environmental and climate justice, and policy.


Have you ever asked yourself:

  • “Do cold weather extremes disprove global warming?”
  • “Are renewable energy resources really as cheap as fossil fuels?”
  • How are the climate and environmental justice movements related?”

At Climate Reality, we know we have. Those questions and so many others.

That’s why on April 1, we were so excited to host Spotlight On: Don’t Be a Fool — 10 Key Facts on Climate and Justice. During this webinar — a part of our monthly Spotlight On series — four members of the Climate Reality team dispelled common misconceptions about climate science, justice, and policy, providing viewers around the world the knowledge needed to be more effective climate advocates.

Watch a full recording of the event below.


Enjoy the webinar? If so, we encourage you to join us for future installments of our monthly Spotlight On series!

We’re excited to host more speakers in the coming months who can speak truth to power and act boldly on behalf of our planet. That, and to shine a Spotlight On the issues we need to address to create the future we want.