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24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action Starts Today

For the next 24 hours, people across the globe are coming together to talk about the climate crisis.


Today is the big day! For the next 24 hours, people on all seven continents are coming together in schools, community centers, workplaces, and living rooms for a global conversation about the climate crisis – and what we can do together to address it.

We hope that you’re able to take part in 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action by attending a presentation in your own community. Or, if you can’t attend a presentation, join us throughout the day on our Facebook and Twitter channels to be a part of the conversation.

Today is a chance for your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to hear the truth about what’s happening to our planet.

It’s a chance to talk about how we’ll overcome this existential threat together.

It’s a chance to turn truth into action and bold solutions. Now, while we still have time.

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But it’s not just about this one big day of action. To make lasting change, we need to keep the conversations going throughout the year.

One way you can help is by requesting a Climate Reality Leader presentation in your community in the days and months ahead. Climate Reality Leaders give presentations raising awareness and empowering audiences to act all year long in communities around the world. 

Another way is learning how to lead the conversation yourself by training with former Vice President Al Gore to become a Climate Reality Leader.

The program takes great leaders and makes them exceptional, providing training in climate science, communications, and organizing to better tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to act and build a twenty-first century movement for solutions.

We’ll be announcing locations and dates for our 2020 trainings soon, so sign up here to be among the first to know when and where we’ll be training people just like you to #LeadOnClimate.