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Climate Change Feedback Loops and Tipping Points (Free Fact Sheet)

You don’t have to be a scientist to know what’s on the horizon if politicians and business leaders keep denying reality and refusing to act. We’re seeing it already – and it could get much worse.


Our climate has been pushed to its limit. Yet, because of our continued reliance on fossil fuels, the planet continues to warm – and the impacts are getting worse.

Many facets of our climate-regulating system are already acting as part of dangerous positive feedback loops – creating compounding climate conditions and worsening impacts for people all over the world.

It’s a vicious cycle – climate change causing a cascade of effects that result in even more climate change. Irreversible tipping points are just around the corner.

What does all that mean? Discover more in our latest free fact sheet, “Climate 101: Feedback Loops and Tipping Points.”

In this downloadable PDF, we explain what climate feedback loops are and how they can spiral out of control, escalating to truly dangerous tipping points beyond which, well, we don’t really have all of the answers.

Get yours now.