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Expanding Zero-Emission Vehicles and Transportation: Learning from Experts During 24 Hours (VIDEO)

The path to net zero emissions begins with popularizing electric transportation and eliminating fossil fuel-reliant vehicles.


If we want to reach net-zero emissions by 2030, we have got to expand electric transportation and make our cities more walkable and bikeable. We can still get to where we need to go distance-wise, while we get to where we need to go climate-wise.

Transportation and transport accounts for 13.5% of emissions contributing to global warming, and is responsible for infecting the airways of millions with toxic air pollution. The problem is especially serious in communities of color in urban centers like New York and Los Angeles.  We must rethink the way we travel, for the sake of human and environmental health.

This year’s 24 Hours of Reality: Spotlight on Solutions and Hope proved that we can achieve that mission. We heard from advocates all around the world, discussing how you integrated zero emissions transportation in your own communities. Change really does start with you. Each and every one of you.

As part of 24 Hours, former US Vice President Al Gore hosted a global dialogue with three climate activists from the US, Canada, and the Philippines exploring how we can expand zero emissions transportation choices in our own communities. The wide-ranging conversation discussed issues including:

  • How we can support advocacy measures through research, data collection, and fostering competition between cities.
  • Education opportunities connecting dirty transport and the climate crisis. 
  • Demanding increased accessibility to public transit and infrastructure for underserved communities.


The stakes here are big. As Jaramia Amarnani from the Philippines put it, “The pandemic has shown us that it is really the health of the citizens and the environment that matters more than material things.”

Expanding zero-emission transportation and transit will improve the health of the environment and its people, but it’s our job to keep moving forward to achieve that goal.

Watch the full global dialogue below to hear the rest of the conversation, and visit to understand how you can help grow zero emissions transportation in your part of the world.