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Free E-book: Use Your Voice and Choices to Take Climate Action

Free download: What Can You Do? Your Guide to Climate Action in 2020.


Expanding clean energy. Creating more green jobs. Producing bountiful harvests without hurting the planet. Ensuring a safe, healthy future. These are goals Americans agree on.

But at the same time, the climate crisis will not wait for us.

It will continue to exacerbate existing threats to our well-being – from stronger hurricanes and rising seas to more floods and longer droughts, all putting our food and water, our livelihoods and lives at risk – and give rise to new ones.

The impacts of the climate crisis may be far-reaching, but solutions exist right now that can help us improve quality of life and work toward a more sustainable future for all.

And you are key to making those solutions a reality.


Taking climate action is a learning process – and no matter your background or skills, you can make a real difference. To put it another way, β€œTo change everything, we need everyone."

Discover how you can use your voice and your choices to take climate action with our latest free e-book, What Can You Do? Your Guide to Climate Action in 2020.

Learn science-based tactics to starting the climate conversation and having an impact in 2020 and beyond, as well as the ways your choices can help you lead by example, shape climate action in your community, and drive change.

Download your free copy today!