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    October 21, 2019 | 9:52 AM

    How to Host a Climate Presentation in 3 Easy Steps

    It’s a day when people all around the world are basically saying, “I want to know what the climate crisis means for me. And I want to know how we solve it. Come talk to me and my friends and colleagues.”

    So that’s what we’re doing, with Climate Reality Leader volunteers trained by former Vice President Al Gore leading conversations and giving presentations in all 50 US states and all seven continents. (Yup, we’ve even got Antarctica.)

    Learn What’s Happening – and What You Can Do

    You know the climate crisis is big. You’ve seen the terrifying hurricanes, endless droughts, and crushing heatwaves on the news. You want to know what we can do.

    The next step is easier than you think.

    Request a Climate Reality presentation and you get an expert presenter coming to you. You get to learn what’s happening to the planet and get a clear picture of the solutions in our hands. You walk out the door not just informed, but clear-eyed on how you can make a difference.

    Still on the fence? Here’s how to host a presentation in three easy steps.

    Step One: Find a Venue

    Our Climate Reality Leaders can give presentations in pretty much any venue that works for you.

    If “venue” sounds intimidating, it shouldn’t. A venue can just be the conference room at work. The coffee shop or store you stop in all the time and have come to know people. The school your kids go to. Your church, synagogue, or mosque. The local community center or park amphitheater. It could even your living room. Basically, anywhere that has a screen or way to project.

    Maybe you’re not in charge of a space like this. But chances are, you know someone who is. Maybe it’s the office manager. The priest, rabbi, or imam. The principle or store manager. It’s someone you know or talk to.

    The good news is that today, when seven out of 10 Americans (and the majority of people around the world) know we have to act, almost anyone you ask is likely on the same side already and sympathetic to the idea. Maybe they have the same questions you do and will be as excited as you are that they can do something.

    With respect to equipment, presenters will bring their own laptop. They just need a way to get a slideshow in front of people, whether that means connecting to an old-school projector or hooking up or casting to a television.

    Step Two: Request a Presentation

    The next step takes less time than your lunch break.

    Once you have your venue chosen, go to and select “Host a Presentation.”

    After creating an account, just enter a few details about where your presentation will be, the audience you imagine coming, and any particular details or areas you’d like to cover.

    We ask so that if you’re hosting your event in a church or synagogue or mosque, we can have the presentation focus on faith. If your audience will be students, we can have it speak to young people and youth impacts. The list goes on.

    Once we have your request, we’ll find the Climate Reality Leader right for your audience and event. They’ll connect directly with you to confirm details and any special requests.

    Step Three: Get the Word Out

    You’ve got your venue sorted and got your presentation on the calendar. Now it’s time to let people know.

    Your presenter will work with both you and the venue to help recruit an audience that makes sense for your event, and they can help you with the emails or social media posts that will spread the word to your networks.

    With every post, invite people to bring a friend. Chances are, the people you know who’d be interested know others and word-of-mouth appeals from a trusted voice are as persuasive as they come.

    That’s It – Really

    You don’t have to be an events professional or social chair in your off-hours to make a great Climate Reality presentation happen. You just have to want to make a difference and have a few minutes to spare here and there.

    But here’s the thing to remember. By requesting and hosting a presentation, you’re not just getting a deeper understanding of the climate crisis that will help you make sense of the headlines and know what you can do to help solve it. You’re giving that same understanding to everyone else who comes, spreading awareness and desire for change throughout your office, school, or community.

    This is how real change happens. Because people like you spend a few minutes and decide to help change the world.

    Start by requesting a presentation today.

    Before You Go

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