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    March 23, 2020 | 6:00 PM

    Tips for Taking Climate Action Online While Socially Distancing

    Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are increasingly where people turn to get the news that shapes their opinions. That’s why digital outreach has been a core component of Climate Reality’s work since our founding.

    In recent weeks, our digital work has become even more essential because online action is presently the safest and smartest way to speak up – and it is vital that we continue to speak up.

    Because America needs Congress to act on the coronavirus pandemic – and quickly.

    The stakes couldn’t be higher. Infections are skyrocketing and people are dying. More businesses are closing every day and millions have lost their jobs. And it’s hitting families living paycheck to paycheck especially hard.

    >> Take action now: Tell Congress to protect workers and families – not big polluters. We need to rebuild our economy the right way. <<

    We’ve got to act fast. But we’ve got to do it right.

    That’s where you come in.

    You have a unique power to influence the beliefs and behaviors of your community online. And we need advocates like you to join us and speak up to continue the fight for climate solutions and environmental justice during this difficult moment.

    Even with the threat of coronavirus, we are still working to give our children a better world to live in – right now and for generations to come.

    While there are many ways to use your voice online during this challenging time, we’d advise you to be strategic. When posting and sharing online actions people can take – like Tell Congress: Protect Workers and Families – keep the following four tenets that help build our movement in mind (and remember to be considerate of others in all that you do).

    Call Out Denial

    You don’t stand for racist remarks online. You don’t sit quietly when you see misogynistic comments. And you shouldn’t let climate deniers spread myths and fake news about the climate crisis threatening our world.

    This extends to people acting in bad faith to push their anti-climate agenda in this time of global pandemic response. While this ongoing health crisis has brought out the very best in the vast majority of people, any major event of this sort and scale is bound to also inspire others to behave irrationally – and even opportunistically.

    Some will see this as a great time to deny or belittle the importance of climate action. Don’t let them.

    >> Climate Reality and the Coronavirus: How We’re Moving Forward <<

    Create Community

    Chances are the majority of your social network feels exactly the way you do right now. For many, the existential threat of climate change has had to take a back seat for the moment, as people deal with immediate priorities like the health of their families, new economic anxiety, and massive disruptions to everything we knew as normal.

    But that does not mean they are not still concerned about climate change – only that people are feeling overwhelmed by the speed of the news and the major changes to their everyday lives.

    When you post about climate online or share opportunities for climate action, you’re showing them that they’re not alone in remaining concerned about climate even in the face of the current pandemic.

    Inspire Hope

    Hope is the lifeblood of activism. Many people understand the urgency of the climate crisis, but how many know that solutions like solar are getting more affordable and widespread every year? Or that clean energy and efficiency put over 3 million Americans to work?

    Sharing stories that point to the real success the movement is seeing and inspiring hope in your community that a sustainable future is in our hands can make all the difference.

    Perhaps especially in this time of uncertainty. We could all use a little hope right now.

    Galvanize Action

    When you share the ways you’re taking action for the planet, you’re showing people in your community that someone like them is brave enough to act on the courage of their convictions, encouraging them to follow your lead and act too.

    During this time of social distancing, and with people’s minds so occupied by this pandemic and the response to it, the challenge of acting on climate is greater than ever. But at the same time, there is still powerful possibly in what can be achieved online.

    Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to do their part. Let’s give it to them.  

    Take Action Now

    We live in the same world you do and face the same challenges with the coronavirus. Our task now is to carry the gravity of the pandemic with us while continuing our work to solve the climate crisis and create a truly just and healthy future for all.

    Tell Congress to protect our families and rebuild our economy the right way. To take care of our sick, our healthcare heroes, and our struggling families and workers. To rebuild America with green jobs, clean energy, and green infrastructure that can put millions to work and create a healthy and just future for us all.

    We’re in this together. Let’s solve this together.

    After all, our future depends on it. Take action now.


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