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Why Should You Care about the Climate Crisis?

The planet is warming: we know this with certainty. With this warming comes major changes – and it’s up to us to take action to prevent the worst of it.


As human beings, we’re wired to care.

We care about our loved ones, careers, material things, and living a purposeful, successful life. Yet, all the things we care about most are at risk as the world gets warmer. The climate crisis can feel abstract or overwhelming or maybe even like someone else’s problem, but with human action at the root of this change, there is an important question – perhaps the most important question – everyone should ask themselves.

Why should we care?

In short, because the future of the planet is on the line.

As Earth heats up, people across the globe are experiencing more intense rainstorms, severe droughts, powerful tropical cyclones, and extreme heat waves. Rising sea levels are flooding coastal areas, destroying homes, precious natural spaces, and quite literally swallowing entire islands. Some populations of animals have started to die out. The most vulnerable among us – children, the elderly, and the poor – are in danger from increasing heat stress and air pollution.

And unless we act, it will all get worse.

The natural systems, people, animals, and so much more that we care about are at risk. Losing these precious things is just one reason, among many, to care about the climate crisis.

But don’t resign to despair just yet – people just like you are standing up around the globe to fight for the future of our planet.

That’s because another amazing thing about humans is this: when we care enough about something, we stop at nothing to make a difference. Here are three things you can do right now to take action and help solve the climate crisis:

1. Make sure the Senate knows you oppose the president-elect’s cabinet nominees. Because we deserve leaders who will deliver clean energy solutions and fight for our health, not Big Oil insiders and climate deniers driven by fossil fuel profits. 

2. Download the free Make It a Reality action kit. We break down the science of climate change and explain how you can get involved in the climate movement – right now.

3. Make a gift to The Climate Reality Project, because from now until December 31, your gift will be doubled by a generous supporter. We’ll use your donation to challenge climate denial and fight for a bright, sustainable future for our planet.

It’s been said before that we do not inherit the planet from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. As with anything that we borrow from someone else, we should treat it with care and respect. Thank you for taking action!