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Young Climate Activists To Follow On Twitter

Don’t miss a single tweet from the young climate activists teaching adults a lesson: The time to act on climate is now.


When did kids become so smart?

For months they’ve been stepping out of school and charging the streets with signs at hand. Not to convince people that climate change is real. (That’s a given.) They’re marching to demand that global leaders act on climate before it’s too late

After all, their future is on the line.

We’re already seeing the effects of rising global temperatures – from severe heatwaves to an uptick in tropical diseases. If adults continue to stumble on solutions, the next generation will live in an even warmer and harsher planet.

Understandably, young people are not staying silent. They’re creating a buzz for climate action – both online and offline. To keep up with the conversation, we’ve created a list of 20 young activists on Twitter.

We’ve highlighted four of them below – but make sure to read on for the full list!

Greta Thunberg

At first glance, Greta Thunberg looks like a normal 15-year-old – blue sneakers, long side braids, and a chunky backpack. But let us tell you, there’s nothing ordinary about her. The young activist has inspired an entire generation to stand up for climate action. The resulting movement, Fridays for Future, has brought a much-needed sense of urgency to the conversations around climate change. Follow Greta on Twitter to see what she’s up to. (Spoiler: She was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize).

Jerome Foster II

He may be young, but Jerome Foster II is a powerful voice in the digital world. The 16-year-old is an active supporter of climate action, environmental justice, and civil rights on social media. He also co-founded The Climate Reporter, a blog where climate activists can share news, personal stories, campaigns, and events. He was part of the youth panel at our recent Atlanta Climate Reality Leadership Corps training– and we haven’t been able to look away from his Twitter feed ever since.

Jamie Margolin

Activist Jamie Margolin was shocked by the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and appalled by the inadequate response to the victims. Her anger motivated her to launch This is Zero Hour, propelling a new wave of youth climate activism across the globe. A self-proclaimed “proud Hispanic lesbian,” the 17-year-old has since become a leading voice for climate justice on Twitter. (Did we mention Jamie is a Climate Reality Leader? We’re so proud!)

Leah Namugerwa

It’s hard to ignore climate change when your country is experiencing prolonged drought, desertification, food insecurity, and economic instability. The harsh impacts of the climate crisis in Uganda have driven students to speak up for urgent change. Among them is 14-year-old organizer Leah Namugerwa, who has inspired the entire world thanks to her tweets. In her own words: “I am too young to vote but I’m not too young to make a positive difference.”

Here’s the full list * of our favorite young climate activists to follow on Twitter with their bios (in no particular order – they all have a place in our hearts):

1. Greta Thunberg


16 year old climate activist with Asperger

2. Jerome Foster II


Intern for @RepJohnLewis • Founder of The Climate Reporter @ReportOnClimate and TAU VR • #ReportOnClimate • he/him/his • Environmental Activist • DMs Open

3. Jamie Margolin


Founder of @thisiszerohour • author • Colombiana • #ClimateJustice Activist & Organizer • student • Future POTUS • @youthvgov • #glg

4. Leah Namugerwa


14 Y.O #ClimateChange activist and #FridaysForFuture striker with @Fridays4FutureU #KeepMamaAfricaGreen

5. Oscar Alateras


Young climate activist and passionate writer

6. Haven Coleman


Co Executive Director of @USclimatestrike • Organizer, Activist, Speaker • 13 • She/Her • /mom

7. Juan David Giraldo


Un día tomándome un cafecito en Quindío decidí levantarme a luchar por el país, ¡para volver a disfrutar del café colombiano con más tranquilidad!

8. Lily Levin


good trouble. she/her. blm.

9. Gav 


Young genderqueer climate activist fighting for an inhabitable future. (They/She)

10. isra hirsi


is your activism intersectional? || @mnhsdemocrats || @mncantwait || @mfolmn ||co exec director @usclimatestrike || she/her

11. Sachin Thapa


G R E E N I E Climate Nerd @commonh050 Environmental Justice  #SDG13 Keep Hope Alive!

12. anna grace


16yeard old youth climate activist | Friday’s for future mn | mn can’t wait | us climate strikes | climate queens co founder

13. Alexandria Villaseñor


13 year old #ClimateJustice Activist & Organizer. Latina. She/her. Text YOUTH to 917-310-5275. DM's open.

14. kawika 


Let’s do all we can to make the world a better place | @usclimatestrike Hawai’i State Lead | *insert rest of brag list here*

15. Nadia Nazar


Artist & Environmentalist Co-Founder, Co-Executive Director, & Art Director of @ThisIsZeroHour #ThisIsZeroHour I like blue whales she/her

16. Robin Jullian


16 years old, developer and climate activist with Asperger. I'm a dreamer who work hard to save the world Co-Founder of @positron_net #FridaysForFuture

17. zayne on climate strike


9 y.o. New Yorker striking for climate at NYCityHall #FridaysForFuture media inquiries:  (account managed by mom)

18. Katie Hodgetts


Environmental activist : @ukycc / Bristol youth strike @bristolys4c | Tweets about climate change, politics and general sunshine

19. Ian Price


I’m 11yo. I know climate change is real. I #climatestrike Fridays, since Dec 14. You adults need to stop using fossil fuels. deniers and trolls will be blocked

20. Jean


15 year old Australian climate activist, Lead Organiser/International Partnerships for School Strike 4 Climate Instagram- jeanlola.h @strikeclimate #stopadani


If there’s something that these kids have taught us it’s that together we are stronger. If you want to make a difference, join us and the millions using their voices and everyday choices to tackle the climate crisis. Sign up and we'll keep you posted on the latest developments in climate policy and how you can help.

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