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Australia and the Pacific

Melbourne Australia


Host | The University of Melbourne
Launched in 2006, The Climate Reality Project – Australia and Pacific works to turn the growing awareness of the danger of climate change into support for action across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The branch focuses on connecting climate to the lives of everyday Australians, offering Leaders wide-ranging workshops and trainings in communicating with a broad range of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Thanks to these efforts, more than one in 40 Australians have seen a Climate Reality presentation, helping drive greater public awareness of solutions. Along with its commitment to public outreach and education, the branch works with state and local governments to help them make increasingly ambitious commitments to climate action.  The urgency of this work has never been clearer. Those in the Pacific know all too well what it means to live with the impacts of climate change, with devastating cyclones and rising sea levels continuing to affect communities In late 2019 and early 2020, extreme heatwaves and drought in Australia fueled devastating wildfires that burned more than 12 million hectares and became headline news across the planet (Source: ABC). And while the country has made only a weak commitment to reducing emissions through the Paris Agreement, other governments in the region are stepping up, with the Pacific Islands Forum issuing the strongest ever collective statement on climate—the Kainaki II Declaration—and New Zealand passing the world’s second ever Zero Carbon Act in 2019. (Source: Climate Action Tracker).
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Host | The University of Melbourne