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Branch Manager | Amanda Niode
As a rapidly developing nation blessed with both a vibrant entrepreneurial community and incredible solar and wind resources, India has all the raw materials to become a world leader on climate. And with increasingly deadly climate-related heatwaves and storms regularly sweeping through the country, the need for action couldn’t be clearer. Now, the country’s leaders face a choice. Develop with fossil fuels and accelerate climate change, or pioneer a new path to sustainable development that grows the economy and raises standards of living without threatening the health of the nation or planet. Massive investments in solar are encouraging, but much more remains to be done. In response, Climate Reality India works throughout India to educate communities about the crisis and empower them to implement practical solutions in a wide range of areas ranging from clean energy to water conservation to reducing waste. Starting with awareness, the branch’s flagship Teacher’s Training Program has trained over 4,000 teachers at more than 500 schools to share the truth about climate change and renewable energy sources in their own communities. On the solutions side, the branch works to plant hundreds of thousands of trees to sequester carbon from the atmosphere and help India meet its Paris Agreement commitment. The branch’s highly regarded Green Campus programs works with schools to increase their climate change education, as well as conserve energy and natural resources on their property.
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Branch Manager | Amanda Niode