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We Are the Climate Majority

We demand action now. 


People rallying for climate action

The climate crisis won’t wait. Neither can we. 

Not when the Arctic hits 100 degrees. Not when nearly every wildfire season is a record-breaker. Not when those who suffer the most in a warmer world are poor families and communities of color.

We know it’s time to act. We need leaders who do too.

It’s time for our leaders to rise to the moment. To leave fossil fuels behind and halt rising temperatures while we have time. To build a just clean energy economy that works for families and workers instead of just the wealthy. To confront the racism and inequity at the heart of our system head-on.

Because our future is on the line. The world we give our children is on the line. But the solutions are in our hands and a better future is possible.

Join us in speaking in one voice to our elected leaders: Take bold action to solve the climate crisis now.