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    We all know fossil fuels are causing a climate crisis around the world. But not everyone knows what this means for us. For our families. For our communities. Or what we can do to solve it.

    The Climate Speakers Network (CSN) is here to help.

    We train leaders from faith, minority, and low-income communities across the US to bring this global challenge down to street level – and bring the reality of climate change home to the people in their lives.

    We also train young change-makers in the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers program to lead their communities in working together for practical climate solutions.

    Join us for a CSN training and you’ll learn how to connect big-picture science and solutions with the everyday lives of your constituents or congregation. Most important, you’ll learn how to turn awareness into action and inspire your community to fight for a healthy and sustainable future – around the world and around the block.


    Cultivating a Greener Ohio River Valley
    April 27, from 10 AM - 4 PM

    Communicating the Climate Crisis: A Shaper Perspective
    Leon, Mexico on May 19, 2019

    Please contact the organizers of Shape LATAM for a link to register.

    Cultivating a Greener Ohio River Valley: Climate and Environmental Advocacy Workshop
    April 27, from 10 AM - 4 PM

    The Climate Speakers Network (CSN) is hard at work planning several exciting events for 2020. Due to COVID-19, these events are expected to be primarily virtual. We will update as new information becomes available, so check back frequently – and sign up for updates from The Climate Reality Project to learn more about how you can help solve the climate crisis.


    We partner with organizations and groups of all sizes to create the climate training that’s right for their members. What distinguishes CSN events is a commitment to three principles.

    Let's focus on what matters to you


    You know what matters to your community. The issues people face and how climate is transforming their lives. We’ll help you turn your experience and knowledge into a powerful story that inspires your community to act.

    Lets talk solutions


    We all know the climate crisis is changing our lives. But the big story is how we can solve it with the affordable tools in our hands today and create a fairer world for everyone. We’ll train you how to share this electrifying message of hope.

    Amplify your voice


    Your voice is powerful beyond measure. We’ll help you learn how to use it to mobilize your community and influence decision-makers to achieve the change you want to see.


    Climate action can take many forms. If you’re looking for ideas on how to brainstorm climate solutions for your community, we recommend this workshop our CSN team developed. It is designed to encourage players to think creatively and critically when creating climate action plans to tackle specific environmental issues. The workshop can be tailored to any audience and number of participants, and can be played in-person or virtually.

    Download our Facilitator’s Guide to Crafting Climate Solutions: An Interactive Workshop to get a thorough breakdown and step-by-step guide on running this workshop with your group.



    Frontline Communities

    The worst part of fossil fuels and climate change? How – all too often – they hit communities of color, indigenous, and low-income communities the hardest.

    The proof couldn’t be clearer. Nearly 70 percent of African Americans live near a coal plant, breathing in toxic chemicals every day. And when extreme weather strikes, minorities and the most vulnerable are the first forgotten in recovery. The list goes on and on.

    CSN is here to help change that. We empower those most affected by fossil fuels and climate change to use their voices to create overwhelming pressure on leaders to leave dangerous fossil fuels behind and bring real climate solutions to their communities.

    Faith Communities

    From civil rights to environmental justice, the history of social change in the US is in part a story of Americans of faith putting faith into action and inspiring moral courage across the nation.

    It’s time to write the next chapter. With our climate in crisis, CSN partners with faith leaders and groups nationwide, calling on the values of compassion, courage, and stewardship all great traditions share and awakening the faith community as an unstoppable force for action to protect the planet we share.

    The Global Shapers Community

    CSN partners with the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community to train, empower, and equip Global Shapers to fight climate change in communities across continents.

    Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. With more than 7,000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 369 city-based hubs in more than 170 countries.

    CSN travels to numerous Global Shapers events each year. For a full list, please refer to our upcoming events.

    Our work with Global Shapers is made possible by the generous support and partnership of Climate Reality Board Member Rosamund Zander.

    Are you a Global Shaper?

    If you're a Global Shaper attending a participating SHAPE conference, join us for a featured session on climate. Or, consider applying to an upcoming Climate Reality Leadership Corps training. 

    If you attended or are planning to attend one of our sessions at a SHAPE conference, you can refer to our pre-training toolkit here.

    Are you working on a project at your hub that involves climate change? Tell us about it here. You can also use this form to seek advice or connections from Climate Reality. 

    If you would like to receive Global Shaper communications from the CSN team, sign up here.


    CSN relies on partner organizations to plan and conduct trainings that serve their members and will work with you to design the right event. We encourage partners to play a leading role in the trainings themselves, which can include giving a presentation, leading a breakout group, and identifying a post-event call to action.

    Interested in learning more or partnering with us?

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