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Right Under Your Feet: Soil Health and the Climate Crisis


Close up image of grass growing out of soil

We’re already beginning to see what a warmer future has in store for us – and it’s not a pleasant sight.

A major impact of the climate crisis that is often overlooked is its effect on soil health. While it’s unlikely to inspire a telethon, over time the toll of erosion, pollution, losses in organic matter, and other soil impacts of the climate crisis imperil a very basic human need – to eat.

A global challenge needs a global solution. Learn more in Right Under Your Feet: Soil Health and the Climate Crisis, a free resource that takes an in-depth look at climate change’s impact on soil health as well as what’s at stake and what you can do to support a world where we can provide our booming population with fresh, healthy food grown in a sustainable soil ecosystem.

The climate changes, but these facts don’t. Download our free Soil Health and the Climate Crisis e-book now.