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COP 27: A Choice for Hope



A devastating climate crisis, war, and global energy crises have made the UN's COP 27 climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt a moment of choice for world leaders this November.

The answer cannot be more of the fossil fuels that got us here.

Not with democracy under attack and Pakistan under water. Not with Europe on fire and Asia and the Americas slammed by deadly storms. Not with rising temperatures fueling rising injustice across the Earth.

It's time for a new way forward. For world leaders at COP 27 to choose hope over fear and fossil fuels. To accelerate the just transition to clean energy that can stop rising temperatures and build a better world for us all. Now, while we still have time.

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The 27th Conference of the Parties (COP 27) is the 27th meeting of the nearly 200 countries party to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Held this year in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 6–18, COP 27 brings world leaders together to monitor and discuss progress toward the Paris Agreement goal of holding global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

In reaching the Paris Agreement back in 2015, each country presented a nationally determined contribution (NDC) stating what it would do to reduce emissions and advance solutions to help achieve the 1.5 degree goal.

Over two weeks of talks at COP, negotiators will review how far countries have gone toward meeting their NDCs and how we can together move faster to reduce global warming pollution and speed energy transition across the planet.

Energy is a big part of COP negotiations, but it's not the only one. As part of the Paris Agreement, wealthy nations promised to provide developing nations hit hard by climate impacts with $100 billion in annual support to help them recover and build resilient clean economies ready for a warmer world.


Our window for action is closing – fast. The UN reports that current commitments to climate action are "highly insufficient" and the world is on the path to catastrophic warming.

There is another way. But it starts with countries getting much, much more ambitious on climate. Starting at COP 27.

That's why we're pushing for progress on two vital fronts. 

1. Honoring the Commitments Already Made

Seven years ago, world leaders made us a promise to slash emissions and halt global warming in the Paris Agreement. Wealthy nations promised to help developing countries adapt to a warmer world. Few have kept it. Instead, emissions are up and fossil fuels threaten our food, our democracies, and every aspect of our lives.

It's time for our leaders to live up to their word. Not in five years. Not in 10. Now.

 What This Means

  • Major emitters and other nations come to COP with concrete plans to fulfill existing NDCs and new commitments to speed society-wide emission cuts and energy transition going forward.
  • Establishing a new program for wealthy nations to share practical solutions from business, industry, local governments, and other sectors that other countries can quickly and easily replicate in their own country-specific manner.  
  • Developed nations fulfill their promise to pay $100 billion annually to help developing nations transition to clean energy and thrive in a climate-changed future.

2.   Financing a Sustainable Future Together

 It's time for the World Bank and other major financial institutions to finally say no to the pipelines and fossil plants destroying our health and our planet. Time for these institutions to use their incredible financial power to send the global energy transition into hyperdrive. Time for developed countries to work with developing nations to build a future where we all thrive.

What This Means

  • The World Bank sets an example and contributes to the goals of the Paris Agreement by ending all support for fossil fuel projects and massively increasing lending for clean energy projects.
  • Developed and developing nations work together to set an ambitious new goal for climate finance beginning in 2026.
  • Wealthy nations expand and unify finance initiatives to help developing countries rebuild after climate disasters, address climate impacts, and create resilient clean energy economies. 
  • Developing nations are able to build clean energy economies through enhanced market access and lower interest rates.




Climate Reality branches from the US and around the world will be on the ground in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Learn more about how we're pushing for change at COP 27 and join us for an event at the conference or in your part of the world.

African Voices

African Climate Reality Project

African Voices showcases the stories and visual art of advocates and artists across the continent with presentations of film, photographs, and poetry in numerous pavilions and platforms at COP 27.

COP 27 Events

#MyClimate Action: Show the World What Climate Action Looks Like

  • Date/Time: November 11, 4:45–5:30 PM
  • Venue: SDG Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: United Nations

Screening of "African Voices for Africa's Forests"

  • Date/Time: November 12, 11:30 AM–12:30 PM
  • Venue: The Savoy Hotel (Open to the Public)
  • Partners: Global Landscapes Forum

GLF Climate 2022  – Closing Plenary

  • Date/Time: November 12, 6:30–7:30 PM
  • Venue: The Savoy Hotel (Open to the Public)
  • Partners: Global Landscapes Forum

The Role of Climate Education in Fighting the Climate Crisis in Africa

  • Date/Time: November 14, 6:30–7:30 PM
  • Venue: Action Hub, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Future Climate Leaders Programme

An Engagement for Restoration: Screening of "African Voices for Africa's Forests"

  • Date/Time: November 15, 8:50–9:20 PM
  • Venue: Nature Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: We Don't Have Time


The Climate Reality Project Brasil

A collective project between Climate Reality and residents of the Maré favela in Rio de Janeiro, the Letter of Right of Maré gives voice to a community living with climate change and their demands for action and justice. Accompanied by a documentary on the initiative.

Climate Dialogues

The Climate Reality Project Canada

Climate Dialogues present two weeks of cross-sectoral meetings bringing civil society and the public together to create consensus on raising climate ambition to meet the Paris Agreement's goals.

COP 27 Event

Québec and Canada in the Fight Against Climate Change: An Exchange with Civil Society and Youth (In French/En Français)

  • Date/Time: November 16
  • Venue: Canada Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Équiterre and AQOCI


Climate Memoirs

The Climate Reality Project Indonesia

The Climate Reality Project Indonesia celebrates its 13th anniversary with the launch of Climate Memoirs, hundreds of personal climate stories from people all over the world telling the story of their climate journeys.

Climate Reality to Egypt

The Climate Reality Project Australia and Pacific

Equipping 2,400-plus Climate Reality Leaders and other advocates from Australia, New Zealand, and thousands of Pacific Islands to push for the stronger commitments to rapid emissions cuts and adaptation we need to keep the world on the path to a 1.5°C future.


The Climate Reality Project Brasil

#EducaçãoClimáticaJá! is a campaign to show the power of climate education to raise awareness and inspire action in schools across Brazil. The campaign aims to share best practices and lessons learned from Climate Reality Brasil's successful campaign to pass climate education legislation in Rio de Janeiro with other communities and countries


The Climate Reality Project Indonesia

Mock COP brings students from Indonesia together to discuss climate policy and solutions in Jakarta in a simulation of COP 27.   

Operación COP

The Climate Reality Project América Latina

For months, The Climate Reality Project América Latina has trained young people from across Latin America in climate science, solutions, and policy. Now Operación COP brings these youth ambassadors to Egypt to shadow Latin American country delegations and learn about international negotiation in real time, preparing them to play key roles in climate policy and negotiations in the years ahead.

COP 27 Events

Youth Ambassadors for Climate Latin America: Bringing Science and Action for Climate Empowerment to International Negotiations

  • Date/Time: November 10, 3–4:30 PM
  • Venue: Chile Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Chile Pavilion

A Look at Adaptation from the Perspective of Young People from Latin American Delegations

  • Date/Time: November 12, 11 AM–12 PM
  • Venue: Dominican Republic Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Dominican Republic Pavilion

The Voices of Youth Climate Negotiators: Experiences from Latin America

  • Date/Time: November 12, 2–3 PM
  • Venue: Chile Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Chile Pavilion

Women as Reconfigurators of the Climate Agenda: A Vision from Youth

  • Date/Time: November 14, 5–5:45 PM
  • Venue: Panama Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Panama Pavilion

How Does a Young Negotiator Prepare? Experiences from the Youth Ambassadors for Climate

  • Date/Time: November 17, 4–4:45 PM
  • Venue: Panama Pavilion, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Panama Pavilion

Poets for Climate

African Climate Reality Project

The Climate Reality Project Canada

The Climate Reality Project Philippines

Launched as part of Agam Agenda's When Is Now creative campaign, Poets for Climate brought together advocates and writers from across Africa, Canada, and the Philippines to create "pebble poems" exploring how climate is changing the landscapes of their homes.

At COP 27, Poets for Climate will display these poems on multimedia and constructed displays, as well as in the daily ECO newsletter distributed to NGOs and delegations.

COP 27 Event

Arts for Climate

  • Date/Time: November 16, 2:45 PM
  • Venue: Canada Pavilion (Badge Required)
  • Partners: David Suzuki Foundation


African Climate Reality Project

Launched with the Fair Finance Coalition Southern Africa, Zero analyzes the lending practices of development finance institutions in Africa and their impact on a just transition in Africa. At COP 27, the coalition will present its preliminary findings and give recommendations on how these institutions can play a role in financing a just transition away from fossil fuels and securing a just and equitable development pathway for Africa.

COP 27 Event

Financing Fairly: The Transparency and Climate Performance of Development Finance Institutions in Africa

  • Date/Time: November 10, 3–4:30 PM
  • Venue: Hatshepsut, UN COP 27 Conference Centre, Blue Zone (Badge Required)
  • Partners: Fair Finance Coalition Southern Africa

To learn more, follow us on the ground at COP 27 on Instagram and Twitter November 6–18.

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