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Stopping Ethane Cracker Plants: Campaign Toolkit


Ethane Cracker Plant

Big picture, the news is bad for fossil fuels. Solar and wind energy keep getting cheaper, matching or beating oil, coal, and natural gas on price in more and more places. Plus, Americans overwhelmingly support clean energy, with seven out of 10 wanting the government to power the country with renewables – not dirty fossil fuels.

But while the fossil fuel industry is down, it’s certainly not out.

Now it’s turning to a new strategy: building ethane cracker plants. These facilities turn fracked gas into plastics and – just as important – create more infrastructure to lock communities into fossil fuels. All in places like the Ohio River Basin where families are fighting hard to leave dirty energy behind.

The good news is that more and more communities see these plants for what they are: a wrong turn. After all the progress we’ve made, no one wants to go back to the dark days of dirty energy driving climate change and polluting our air, water, and soil.

With our planet’s future and the health of their families all on the line, everyday activists in communities throughout the Ohio River Basin are now banding together to fight back. If you’re ready to join them, read on.