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Learn What's Driving Emissions Around the World and in Your Community

The first step on the road to true net-zero is clear: Cut global emissions in half this decade.


Yes, it's a big ask. After all, trends are heading in the wrong direction, with global fossil fuel emissions reaching a record high in 2022. And it can feel like nearly every aspect of our lives – from the vehicles we rely on to the concrete holding buildings together – only adds to these numbers.

But the good news is, with advances in artificial intelligence and satellite data our friends at Climate TRACE have identified where the most polluting power plants, oil fields, and steel mills, and more are located and how much they are emitting each year.

And soon, they will be able to identify nearly every major source of greenhouse gas pollution worldwide, allowing anyone to see where emissions are coming from in their own communities.

We know where to start: By looking at the biggest sources in the power sector. In fossil fuel extraction. In transport. In manufacturing. And we know what we need to do.

Get the facts and let's get to work. Check out Climate TRACE to see if one of the the biggest contributors to global warming is in your community and work with us to hold them accountable.

Visit Climate TRACE to see the biggest polluters on the planet and see if any are in your community.

sources of pollution in 2021 include power,manufacturing, fossil fuel operations, transportation, agriculture, buildings, and other smaller sources.