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Fact Sheet: Climate Science Belongs in the Classroom


Students celebrating graduation by throwing hats into the air

Burning fossil fuels like coal and oil is causing a climate crisis that’s sending temperatures skyrocketing, killing our crops, and causing seas to rise.

This is a huge problem. One that has many parents asking: “How can I prepare my kids for the future in a warming world?”

The answer is to advocate for comprehensive, standards-based climate science education in school curriculums everywhere.

Learn more about why education is key to turning the tide and creating a safe sustainable world for generations to come in our latest fact sheet, Climate Science Belongs in the Classroom. In this free resource, discover:

  • Why denying kids the truth about a crisis they will experience is morally wrong.
  • How kids can learn a lot by taking on climate change.
  • The importance of properly preparing young people for the future of work.

The climate is changing, but these facts don’t. Download our free climate science education fact sheet today.