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    Mentor Application 2021 Virtual Global Training

    Mentor applicants must:

    • Have attended a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in the past and be a certified Climate Reality Leader
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Be available to attend a pre-training orientation and the entirety of the training itself
    • Possess adept communication and relationship-building skills as demonstrated by Acts of Leadership, answers on this application, and/or well-evidenced success as a previous mentor
    • Have a strong commitment to communicating regularly with mentees and actively providing support for at least one year after the training
    • Be able to access a computer and stable internet connection for the pre-training orientation and the duration of the training

    Please Note:

    • Upon review of your application, Climate Reality staff will contact you directly to follow up
    • Your mentees may not be from your region as there are several factors that go into matching attendees to mentors
    • All trainings are in English and, unfortunately, translation services are not guaranteed. If you would like materials in other languages, you should be prepared to translate them as needed.

    The mentor application period has closed.