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    June 01, 2016 | 7:25 AM


    Washington, DC (6/1/16) — The Climate Reality Project announced that the second-ever Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in China will be held in Shenzhen June 15-16. This will be the 32nd Climate Reality Leadership Corps training, but the first to take place following the historic signing of the Paris Agreement in New York City on April 22. Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States and Chairman of The Climate Reality Project, will join world-class scientists, strategists, business leaders, communicators and technical specialists to lead the Shenzhen, China training for hundreds of new Climate Reality Leaders.

    The event will formally train a new group of community, government and business leaders to become Climate Reality Leaders, equipped with the education and tools necessary to advocate locally for renewable energy initiatives, continue to support China’s leadership on climate action, and drive action for solutions worldwide. The training will follow two days of high-level dialogues in Beijing with senior Chinese government officials and a presentation by Mr. Gore to students at Peking University.

    “In April, China, the United States, and 172 other nations signed a historic agreement, demonstrating a bold and unified global commitment to solving the climate crisis,” said Al Gore. “The Paris Agreement – which could not have been achieved without China’s global leadership and determination – lays the foundation for countries, businesses, investors, and citizens around the world to support and work toward the sustainable growth of a clean energy economy. Our goal is to build upon the global consensus on climate change re-affirmed by the Paris Agreement. As the largest nation on Earth and one of the most important in terms of fighting climate change, there is no more relevant place to hold the training than China.”

    China and its nearly 1.4 billion people are particularly vulnerable to the ever-increasing threats of climate change. In addition to highlighting the climate impacts China faces, the training will focus on solutions and the country’s unique position as a driver of global climate action. China not only made the Paris Agreement possible, but the country has also taken concrete action by investing and innovating in clean energy manufacturing and deployment. As a major hub of commerce and manufacturing, China’s efforts have driven down the costs of clean energy around the world, making each country’s emissions reduction commitments more attainable, affordable, and ambitious.

    The China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) invited Climate Reality to run this training in partnership with Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation, World Wide Fund for Nature China (WWF China), C-Team, Vanke, and Peking University.

    Several prominent speakers will join Al Gore at the training, including Zeng Peiyan, former China Vice-Premier and Chairman of CCIEE; Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke Co. and Founder of “C-Team”; and Dr. Li Lin, Executive Director of Programs for WWF China.

    Climate Reality has trained thousands of Climate Reality Leaders from more than 130 countries. Climate Reality and WWF China recently signed a partnership agreement to collaborate on a multi-year climate communications program strategy which is to be officially launched during the training, and followed by periodic workshops, events and other activities in China. During the recent UN climate conference in Paris, Al Gore and Wang Shi, Chairman of Vanke and founder of “C-Team” signed an agreement to build support for climate change solutions among China’s growing and influential business entrepreneurs.

    Click here for more information about the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.


    Deb Greenspan