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Civil Society Leaders Deliver Over 6 Million Petitions for Climate Action to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Climate Reality Chairman Al Gore joins leadership of 350, Avaaz, Climate Action Network, Earth Day Network and others in call for action


Le Bourget, France [December 10, 2015] — Today, former US Vice President and Chairman of The Climate Reality Project Al Gore joined the leadership of civil society organizations 350, Avaaz, Climate Action Network International, Earth Day Network, Earth Guardians, Greenpeace, Global Gender Climate Alliance, Our Kids Climate, and Sierra Club to deliver more than 6.2 million signatures worldwide demanding climate action to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  

These civil society organizations, along with additional partners The Sierra Club, Earth Guardians, and Our Kids Climate, have combined their respective COP21 campaigns to showcase the aggregate number of petitioners across the world demanding climate action.  Together, they delivered the following statement to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon:

World leaders are meeting to decide the future of the planet. As leaders of civil society, we are here to deliver the voices of more than 6 million people worldwide who are demanding that leaders sign a strong agreement that will shift the world away from carbon pollution and rapidly towards climate solutions.

“As the Chairman of The Climate Reality Project, I am proud that our team and our thousands of activists have engaged millions of citizens through our "Road to Paris" campaign to demand that world leaders take climate action,” said Climate Reality Chairman Al Gore. “Along with our partners in the NGO community, we are committed to ensuring that the nations of the world leave Paris with a truly ambitious agreement that includes a meaningful long-term goal with regular five-year updates that ratchet our commitment progressively higher and thus sets the world on the path to a clean energy economy. Above all, we must unite the voices of civil society around the world to deliver one simple message to our leaders: the time to act is now.” 

"People around the world are already greeting the dawn of a world powered by 100% renewable energy,” said 350 Executive Director May Boeve. “Politicians in Paris must send a clear signal they're ready to join us. Millions of us have marched in the streets and millions more will follow. We know our work for a fossil free world is just getting started."

“Millions of people from almost every country on earth are behind the campaign for 100% clean energy, marching in the streets, signing petitions, and calling their leaders to act,” said acting executive-director of Avaaz Emma Ruby Sachs. “This rising global movement is getting bigger by the day. Paris must deliver a deal that ends the age of dirty energy and helps the sun rise on the safe, sustainable future people everywhere want.”


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