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    September 27, 2017 | 1:09 PM

    The Climate Reality Project Applauds Activists Who Pave The Way To Closing Of Colstrip Power Plant

    Thanks to the efforts of the environmental community, including Climate Reality Leaders, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) and the State of Montana agreed on a financial plan that could lead to the early retirement of the last two coal-fired units of the Colstrip Power Plant. The coal-burning facility in Montana provides power to and is partially owned by PSE in Washington State.  Thanks to the agreement, the useful life of the final two Colstrip coal units will now end nearly 20 years sooner, in 2027. 
    In June 2017, The Climate Reality Project held a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Bellevue, Washington, where local Climate Reality Leaders involved in Carbon Free PSE, an effort led by Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, helped Climate Reality organize an afternoon of action to create momentum to close the plant. More than 200 participants took direct action in support of retiring the Colstrip Power Plant by gathering petitions, speaking to elected officials, writing 80 letters-to-the-editor, and making 50 public comments on the issue. 
    “The settlement agreement on the Colstrip Power Plant is a huge win for the environment and the people of Washington State,” said Ken Berlin, Climate Reality President and CEO. “I want to especially thank Sierra Club for their incredible work organizing the Carbon Free PSE campaign, and everyone who spoke out in favor of climate action, particularly our Climate Reality Leaders. 
    “Across the country, committed activists are making a carbon-free future a reality, and I am so proud to see Climate Reality Leaders on the frontlines of our fight for a better future. Every win, no matter how big or small, brings us one step closer to the clean energy transition we continue to work so hard for, and I am thrilled to celebrate this one with the people of Washington State.” 
    Local Washington organizer and Climate Reality Leader Nancy Shimeall has been integral to the campaign to close the plant. 
    “Climate Reality’s Leadership Corps training and afternoon of action mobilized a huge group of activists in Washington State, energizing our local clean energy movement and ultimately helping bring utility Puget Sound Energy to the negotiating table,” said Shimeall, who founded and chairs Climate Reality’s East King County (Washington) chapter. “Just last week, PSE agreed to pay off the last two coal plants in Colstrip Montana 18 years earlier than planned. First-time activists saw their work truly make a difference, and the local environmental community feels invigorated by this major win. We are so grateful to Climate Reality for coming to our community and helping us create a carbon-free future.”