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    July 13, 2016 | 2:35 PM

    The Climate Reality Project Applauds Salt Lake City’s 100-percent Renewable Electricity Commitment

    Washington, DC –Today, The Climate Reality Project applauded Salt Lake City as it became the latest and largest winter sports community to announce a commitment to run on 100-percent renewable electricity by 2032. The Climate Reality Project’s I AM PRO SNOW 100% Committed campaign is working with resorts, businesses, and cities, including Salt Lake City, to help our winter sports and mountain communities transition to 100-percent clean, renewable electricity.

    “The Climate Reality Project applauds Salt Lake City’s announcement to commit to 100-percent renewable electricity. This move clearly demonstrates that Salt Lake City understands what climate change means for its citizens and businesses,” said The Climate Reality Project’s President and CEO Ken Berlin. “Not only has declining snowfall cost the winter sports industry $1 billion and 27,000 jobs nationwide in the past decade, Utah has seen firsthand significantly fewer skiers on the mountains, resulting in millions of lost dollars and thousands of lost jobs.”

    Climate Reality’s I AM PRO SNOW’s 100% Committed campaign has been proud to work alongside Salt Lake City as it laid the groundwork for this bold move.  Berlin added, “This commitment is a clear call to action to the entire winter sports community worldwide: We no longer have to just accept that climate change is transforming our lives, and by embracing affordable, renewable electricity, we can lead the fight to solve the crisis that affects us all. That’s why The Climate Reality Project is calling on all winter sports businesses, towns, and ski resorts to be 100% Committed.” 

    “We can tackle this challenge and deliver clean energy solutions that will simultaneously improve air quality, protect public health, and deliver local jobs. Leading on climate change by being 100% Committed to running our city with renewable electricity and reducing our emissions is an obligation we all share with each other and to future generations,” stated Mayor Biskupski.

    With climate change threatening our planet and ways of life, mountain communities and winter sports businesses worldwide are taking action by committing to run on 100-percent renewable electricity. Learn more at

    Hayley Moller