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Ken Berlin, Climate Reality President And CEO, on the Inauguration: “Let’s Get To Work”


“Today marks a new chapter of climate hope for America. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sworn in as president and vice president, we have started the process of re-joining the Paris Agreement and renewing global confidence in our nation’s climate leadership. 

“Re-joining the Paris Agreement is a balm for the damage done by the Trump Administration, but it’s only a starting point.  To regain our leadership role on the world stage, the US must take strong domestic action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect frontline communities, and support a global transition to a clean energy economy. We urge President Biden and his administration to formally commit to achieving 100 percent clean electricity by 2035 and net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050.   

“President Biden is off to a strong start on his promise to deliver meaningful climate action. We’re encouraged by today’s executive orders to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and unravel some of the most destructive regulatory rollbacks of the last four years. But, to address the climate crisis and end the pandemic, the president must marshal the full power of the federal government and the Congress to pass critical climate and COVID recovery legislation. Such measures would create millions of green jobs, protect our health, lower energy bills, protect frontline communities, and create economic opportunity everywhere, especially in communities facing under-investment. Anything less doesn’t meet the moment we find ourselves in.”

“The road ahead will not be easy, but we are hopeful the Biden Administration will meet its promises to create a better future for all of us."

“Let’s get to work."