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    January 15, 2016 | 1:48 PM

    Obama Administration Continues to Win on Climate—Makes Significant Change to Coal Leasing Program on Federal Lands

    “The Climate Reality Project applauds President Obama and Secretary Sally Jewell for their commitment to protecting the environment from the dangerous impacts of fossil fuels.”

    “The Administration’s decision to freeze all new coal mining leases on federal land until climate risks are incorporated into any leasing decision, is an auspicious step towards a clean energy future.

    “Our economic future is no longer tied to the extraction of fossil fuels. With the vast, cost-competitive renewable energy solutions available, we no longer need to support the unsustainable dirty energy options that damage our health and our planet and threaten our future. Instead we must invest time and resources in growing sustainable industries and energy solutions that can support us for generations without exacerbating the climate crisis.”

    “By keeping fossil fuels in the ground we are protecting not only the sanctity of our public lands but also the health of the global community and our planet for years to come.”