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    November 10, 2016 | 4:00 PM

    Statement From Asif Iqbal, Manager of the Climate Reality Project’s Pakistan Affiliate Branch on Pakistan Formally Joining the Paris Agreement

    The nation of Pakistan formally joined the Paris Agreement on November 10, just about a week after the historic international agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions officially entered into force.

    Asif Iqbal, manager for The Climate Reality Project’s Pakistan affiliate branch, released a statement on Pakistan formally joining the Paris Agreement.

    “Today marks a monumental day for our country, as we collectively take a step forward and join the nearly 100 countries that have officially committed to taking formal and decisive action against climate change under the Paris Agreement.

    “Pakistan is all too familiar with the problems created by climate change: we have seen devastating droughts, massive flooding, and a host of natural disasters that disrupt and threaten our daily lives. The Paris Agreement’s entrance into force on November 4 will help ensure that concrete steps will be taken to reduce these negative effects of climate change. For this reason, I applaud Pakistan for taking the necessary steps to formally join this agreement, and all of us at The Climate Reality Project Pakistan are proud to say our country is joining the fight for climate action.

    “The hard work is far from over. Now begins the task of implementing the Paris Agreement and realizing our country’s commitment to reducing emissions. We will work to build support for action in Pakistan, and push for our government to strengthen its INDC target to achieve more ambitious reductions.

    “Pakistan has the opportunity to help secure a bright future, and the approval of the Paris Agreement and the passage of the Climate Change Act mark the beginning of a journey towards a hopeful, prosperous and healthy future for all.”