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Statement From Climate Reality President And CEO Ken Berlin On The Path Forward For The Build Back Better Agenda


“Senator Manchin’s disappointing announcement that he does not yet support the Build Back Better Act after months of negotiations is not the end of our fight to address the climate crisis, inequality, and justice.  

There is no holiday recess from the devastating storms, wildfires, and flooding that continue to harm our health, economy, and our environment. They are neon warning signs that our elected officials must take dramatic action to avoid further climate devastation and keep us all safe. 

We demand Congress take immediate action in January to resolve their differences and pass a Build Back Better Act that will help stabilize the climate, save Americans across the country money on their energy bills, create jobs, and build a healthier, more equitable clean energy future for every community. 

These policies are vital for the American people, and we will continue our fight for them.”