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Statement from The Climate Reality Project President and CEO Phyllis Cuttino on HR1


“HR1 – unofficially called the ‘Polluters Over People Act’ – is a sweeping attack on this country’s bedrock environmental laws and an unequivocal rejection of every principle of environmental justice.

“It is a giveaway to enrich Big Oil and Gas at the expense of communities on the front lines – from the attacks on the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), to removing several key programs passed in the Inflation Reduction Act, to mandating the Secretary of Interior to hold a minimum of four oil and gas lease sales in certain states each year, which will ravage the climate and endanger communities and wildlife habitats in the pathway of related fossil fuel infrastructure.

"We commend the Senate for reaffirming its commitment to protecting the health and safety of our communities and refusing to put polluters' profits over people’s lives.”