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Statement from The Climate Reality Project President and CEO Phyllis Cuttino on Senate Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act


“In the history of the climate movement, this is an extraordinary moment. At long last, the U.S. Congress is poised to deliver much-needed investments in clean energy and environmental justice at a size and scale never before enacted. The result will be U.S. emissions slashed dramatically, our economy transformed to build climate solutions at home by Americans earning a fair wage, and U.S. credibility as a global leader re-established.  

“Even as we wait for the U.S. House to pass this legislation, today is a win for the planet and for all Americans. By accelerating the transition to clean, renewable energy, the Inflation Reduction Act will both help protect families from the devastating effects of rising temperatures and lower their energy costs. Still, despite climate change impacts ravaging all states, this legislation was passed in the U.S. Senate without a single Republican voicing support, let alone casting a vote in favor. 

“Today’s victory was built on decades of work by a dedicated and ever-growing climate movement of scientists, community voices, advocates, labor, business leaders, and lawmakers committed to building a better future. I am proud of the tens of thousands of Climate Reality Leaders, chapter members, supporters, and staff who work tirelessly for change and helped shape key pieces, including the $27 billion clean energy technology accelerator, which will lower energy costs for families in underserved communities. I am also grateful to Senate Majority Leader Schumer and Senate Democrats who resurrected this deal and brought it to fruition. 

 “But our fight isn’t finished. We must build on the critical policies in the IRA to deliver just climate solutions at all levels of government and additional emissions reductions in line with what science demands by 2030. Due to the poisonous influence of the fossil fuel industry, the legislation also contains dangerous provisions that support oil and gas production and further endanger the health and wellbeing of frontline communities who already bear the brunt of fossil fuel extraction and climate impacts. Simply put, there can be no expansion of fossil fuels if we are to address the climate crisis. We will work with our partners and support our allies to fight these measures.”