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Statement from The Climate Reality Project President and CEO Phyllis Cuttino on the Supreme Court decision in West Virginia vs. EPA


“Today the Supreme Court has issued another damaging ruling, this time to gut the Clean Air Act and severely limit EPA’s ability to regulate pollution. Conservative justices on the court have decided that government experts cannot be trusted to implement laws passed by Congress to protect human health and address the climate crisis, even as the harmful impacts of the climate crisis are experienced by Americans each and every day. This ruling will allow the fossil fuel industry to use the environment as a dumping ground without regard to human health or safety and is a blow to efforts to curtail pollution and protect the environment. Once again, the impacts of this decision will be felt first and worst by communities who have been historically marginalized – those on the front lines of environmental injustice.

“From record heat waves and drought to earlier and stronger hurricanes, we are feeling the effects of climate change now, and we have a rapidly closing window to protect our communities and ensure our planet is habitable for future generations.

“In the face of this assault on EPA, bold action is urgently needed. Congress must act to immediately pass strong climate investments through reconciliation and restore EPA’s ability to keep our communities safe.”