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    October 04, 2016 | 11:43 AM

    Statement From The European Branch Of The Climate Reality Project On The Paris Agreement

    Today, the European Union formally accepted the Paris Agreement. The European Branch of The Climate Reality Project issued a statement on the Paris Agreement’s impending entry into force:

    “Since its inception, the European Union has been an example to the international community of the merits of global collaboration, and the EU’s swift approval of the Paris Agreement has once again shown the European Council’s strong leadership on climate action. It is well known that many of the EU’s member states are leaders in renewable energy—Denmark broke a world record for wind power generation last year, Germany is among the most energy efficient nations on Earth, and Portugal recently powered itself for four consecutive days with only renewable energy. However, the formal approval of the Paris Agreement charts a new path by which the EU, along with the rest of the world, will move forward with a unified vision and substantive plan for a world powered by clean energy.

    The Climate Reality Project Europe applauds all countries that have officially joined the Paris Agreement, and as the European Network of The Climate Reality Project, we especially congratulate the European Union on its role in tipping the scale for the Paris Agreement. It is further proof that continued cooperation among nations is a necessary foundation for solving the climate crisis.

    Though this exciting moment is an incredible step forward, the hard work is just beginning. We urge EU member states to strengthen their commitments to emissions reductions and strive for even more ambitious energy goals. We urge private citizens to support leaders who advocate for climate solutions, and we urge businesspeople, scientists, and innovators to continue the important work of finding and funding new technologies to combat the climate crisis. The road ahead is long, but the Paris Agreement and the international consensus on climate it has forged is undoubtedly a watershed moment for worldwide climate action.”