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    March 31, 2020 | 10:20 AM

    Statement From Ken Berlin, President And CEO Of The Climate Reality Project, On EPA’s Rollback Of Federal Fuel Economy Standards

    “In the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis – one that disproportionately impacts those suffering from respiratory conditions – the Trump Administration is giving polluters the green light to poison the air we breathe, worsening the crisis. 

    “At a moment when millions of Americans are laser focused on protecting the health of their families, neighbors, and communities, the Trump Administration’s rollback of federal fuel economy standards is not only reckless – it’s dangerous and immoral.  According to the CDC, those with respiratory ailments like asthma are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus. Allowing automakers to develop high pollution-emitting vehicles will cause more asthma attacks, and in turn exacerbate an already dire national emergency.

    “At this critical juncture, the federal government should be using the whole of its energy and resources to save American lives. We cannot safeguard the health of our friends, families, and neighbors without defending each individual’s right to clean air, full stop. Climate Reality is committed to doing everything in our power to fight back against EPA’s indefensible actions.”