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    May 31, 2017 | 4:38 PM

    Statement From Ken Berlin, President And CEO Of The Climate Reality Project, On Exxon’s Historic Shareholder Vote

     “Today’s ExxonMobil shareholders vote is a clear wake-up call to companies in every sector that doing business today means confronting the climate crisis head-on. It’s also a powerful statement that investors and customers expect honest and clear-sighted acknowledgment of the extent of the crisis from the companies they support – and are ready to vote with their dollars to get it.
    “Just like Exxon investors, the overwhelming majority of Americans want to see companies acknowledge the crisis and take practical steps to address it. More and more businesses are listening and choosing clean energy and other solutions.
    “Just as Exxon was compelled to listen to the voices of its shareholders today, President Trump would be wise to similarly heed the voices of American citizens as they call for climate action.”

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