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Statement From Ken Berlin, President and CEO of the Climate Reality Project, on the National Climate Assessment


“Nature tells the truth – whatever the White House does. The Trump Administration can try to deflect attention from the climate crisis by releasing a major scientific report right after Thanksgiving, but the American people see this global challenge is more urgent than ever. Americans see for themselves how climate impacts from deadly wildfires in California to the destructive hurricanes that upended the Southeast this year threaten their families and communities.

“There is no wishing this away. International scientists sounded the alarm with the IPCC’s recent bombshell report. Now with the Fourth National Climate Assessment, brave US scientists from our federal agencies are bringing the message home, calling out what unchecked temperature rise means for all Americans.

“The Trump Administration has a fundamental duty to protect Americans from danger. Our own scientists are now telling us what every American can see for themselves: The climate crisis is an existential threat to our health and safety. It’s time for our leaders to finally listen and act to protect us all.”