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Statement From Ken Berlin, President & CEO Of The Climate Reality Project, On The John Lewis Voting Rights Act


“We cannot live up to the highest ideals of our nation and meet our greatest challenges without securing the sacred right to vote. Congressman John Lewis dedicated and risked his life to ensure that all people could fully participate in American democracy, and Congress owes it to his legacy to swiftly enshrine the John Lewis Voting Rights Act into law. 

“State legislatures across the country are launching an unprecedented assault on American democracy, enacting restrictive and discriminatory voting laws in an effort to disenfranchise millions of Black Americans and communities of color. The actions of a small and powerful few are holding the will of the people hostage and erecting barriers to progress. For example, we recognize that we cannot properly address the climate crisis without the voices of millions of Americans across the country demanding action and making their voices heard at the polls. The climate fight – and so many other issues that deserve a policy response centered in equity and justice – are directly tied to the dire need to secure the sacred right to vote.   

“The Senate must now take up and pass this critical piece of legislation to protect our democracy and allow it to flourish for generations to come.”