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    November 02, 2016 | 11:58 AM

    Statement from Ken Berlin, President and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, In Support of the Standing Rock Sioux and Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors

    Thousands of protestors have gathered in North Dakota to demonstrate against the Dakota Access Pipeline, a pipeline that will move hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil every day from North Dakota to Illinois. The Standing Rock Sioux have been especially vocal in their opposition to the pipeline, as it not only threatens the tribe’s main source of drinking water, but also has the potential to destroy some of their sacred, ancestral lands. Ken Berlin, president and CEO of The Climate Reality Project, released a statement in support of the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies:

    “The Climate Reality Project stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux and their supporters in North Dakota, who are bravely making their voices heard through peaceful protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux refrain, “Water is life”, reflects their commitment to responsible, diligent stewardship of the earth, and is an important lesson to us all.

    “In addition to its harmful impacts on the land and water of the Standing Rock Sioux, the Dakota Access Pipeline represents an old, dangerous source of energy with serious implications for the climate and home we all share.  As climate change continues to tighten its grasp on the planet, we need more people to stand up and speak out against dirty fossil fuels and in favor of the clean energy solutions that can protect our climate, land, and water. The Climate Reality Project is proud to help advance the conversation on solutions at every level and proud of our Climate Reality Leader activists supporting the Standing Rock Sioux and taking action against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

    “As the protests continue, we hope that the rights and voices of all those demonstrating are respected and heard as those of citizens committed to protecting their families and communities. The fight for a sustainable future free from environmental degradation will be a long one, but we should be inspired by the Standing Rock Sioux and their mission to protect and preserve the land that means so much.”