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Wei-Tai Kwok

United States; Trained in 2013


"For me, knowing the facts is essential to having the courage to move forward." For anyone who's ever asked, "What can I do about the climate crisis?", we'd like to introduce you to Wei-Tai Kwok. Wei-Tai was already dedicating his 9-5 to climate solutions, having worked in the solar industry since 2009. But having been deeply challenged by "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2006 and seeing the slow pace of change in the US, he decided he had to do more and dedicate his off-hours to climate action too. After seeing a presentation from a young Climate Reality Leader trained as part of the very first cohort back in a Nashville barn in 2006, he knew how. Coming to the Chicago training in 2013 opened up a whole world of possibilities. As he says: "I was filled with hope when I sat side-by-side with 1,200 trainees from every state and 60 countries for 3 days in Chicago. I no longer felt so alone in my efforts, and I saw that the good people of the world, from every age and every faith, were pulling together to do this. I believed that we can solve this in my lifetime." It was the start of a remarkable advocacy career that's seen Wei-Tai play a leading role in the Climate Reality Bay Area chapter, working to raise awareness and press elected officials to act. Now, as one of five members of the Lafayette City Council and an elected official himself, he's taken that same commitment to climate action to craft inclusive EV charging policies for the city, making Lafayette one of the very few in California to require that 100% of tenants in new multifamily construction will have access to EV charging. He's also consistently advocated for zoning measures locating new housing closer to a dense downtown core, creating a more walkable, bikeable, and sustainable community.    How has his training and work with Climate Reality shaped his policy work? "Knowing the facts about the climate crisis, as well as the solutions, has been essential to understanding that many of the solutions already exist, and they are cost effective and good for society. . .  For me, knowing the facts is essential to having the courage to move forward in the face of bad info (fossil fuel bias) or misinformed fear.  Also, Climate Reality local chapter policy action work helped me understand how local government works, and gave me the confidence that "I can do that" and help effect change at the local level."  
Wei Tai Kwok