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24 Hours of Reality: On the Ground at COP 28


People from around the world gathered in Dubai during the first week of December for the annual United Nations climate summit. The Climate Reality Project was on the ground taking part, along with world leaders, youth activists, Indigenous representatives — and over 2,400 fossil fuel lobbyists.

We set out to peel back the curtain on this key gathering, bringing you stories, conversations, and events from Dubai.

From the key issues of debate to the voices of activists taking a stand, scroll down to dig deeper and get a sense of what a day in the life at COP 28 looks like.


The United Nations 28th annual climate summit is officially over. What did we achieve and where do we go from here?


Level Setting at COP 28

Every year since 1995, the Conference of Parties (COP) gathering has been the key forum for international cooperation on climate action. This year the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hosting the 198 nations that are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

For COP 28, more than 70,000 people — and over 2,400 fossil fuel lobbyists — are in Dubai to join the swirl of negotiations, presentations, and events, and have their say in critical negotiations that will shape our planet’s future.

The Key Issues at Hand

With COP 28 hosted by a major oil producer, talks led by the CEO of the national oil company, and over 2,400 fossil fuel lobbyists in attendance, the role of fossil fuels in driving global warming — and blocking climate action — is taking center stage in Dubai.

Along with the need to rapidly phase out all fossil fuels, talks are focused on how to make the phaseout fair and ensure Global South nations have the financing they need to survive and thrive in a warmer world.

In addition, this year's COP features a Global Stocktake charting how far countries have come in their climate commitments – and how far they have to go to reach true net zero.

Voices of Change

The Climate Reality Project is proud to be a part of the conversations every year at COP. This year, we take you inside some of the events and presentations that our staff, Climate Reality Leaders, and key partners are participating in, bringing perspectives from all around the world to help shape COP 28