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Be Part of The Climate Reality Leadership Corps Virtual Brazil Training

For anyone committed to helping build a healthy, just, and sustainable future for all in Brazil, our upcoming training is an incredible opportunity to gain the tools, knowledge, and network to take action.


It’s hard to make too many sweeping statements when you’re talking about a country as massive and biodiverse as Brazil. But here’s one we can safely make: Climate change is transforming the country and life on it for many. From megadroughts to vanishing water supplies, the consequences of rising temperatures could have devastating outcomes for Brazil – and the more than 212 million people who call the nation home.

That’s why, this August, The Climate Reality Project and our founder and chairman, former US Vice President Al Gore, will host an online climate training exploring what the climate crisis means for Brazil and empowering citizens to lead the fight for solutions.

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Blessed with extraordinary natural resources, the nation can choose to become a low-carbon leader in Latin America by making a just transition to clean energy and embracing zero deforestation, climate-smart agriculture, and resilient cities and infrastructure. Or it can persist with fossil fuels and business as usual and watch temperatures rise and climate devastation continue.

Held in Portuguese, this free online event brings together individuals from across Brazil and other parts of the world ready to do their part in making the former scenario the reality for all Brazilians.

What happens next truly is up to us – and it could not come at a more vital time.

In Brazil, the reality of climate change is becoming painfully clear. Never-ending droughts are fueling devastating wildfires throughout the country and across the Amazon. Rising temperatures are shrinking vital water supplies, threatening the Indigenous peoples, low-income communities, and incredible biodiversity that depend on them.

In 2014, the key water reservoirs for São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, dipped below 10% thanks in part to drought. Scientists believe that an increased frequency of droughts of a similar magnitude will make this type of crisis more likely, putting the drinking water for millions of people at risk.

More recently, in the summer of 2019, wildfires raged across the Amazon Rainforest, capturing international attention and sparking outrage. And while these fires were startling in their scope, research indicates that they may have been just a preview as Amazon wildfires could become more common – and even more devastating. That’s because as the climate becomes hotter and droughts become more frequent and more severe, wildfires are expected to become larger and more damaging as well.

This is especially concerning because Amazon fires not only destroy the rainforest home to Indigenous peoples and countless wildlife and plant species – they actually accelerate climate change. The Amazon is a vital carbon “sink,” meaning that it takes in massive quantities of carbon dioxide and emits relatively little by comparison. Except when it doesn’t.

The result is a one-two punch that both reduces the number of carbon-absorbing trees in the world, and releases the carbon in the trees as they burn. It's one of the reasons that protecting the Amazon from deforestation and fires is so important.

Our challenge now is to push our business and political leaders to confront this crisis head-on with bold policies that cut emissions, protect frontline communities and our environment, and put us on the path to net zero.

For anyone committed to solving the climate crisis and helping build a healthy, just, and sustainable future for all in Brazil, this is your chance to get started.

Our Climate Reality Leadership Corps trainings gives you the rare opportunity to learn directly from Vice President Gore how to raise awareness of the climate crisis and inspire people to act —just as he did with the landmark films, “An Inconvenient Truth” and “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

After completing the virtual training, you’ll become a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps, a global network of changemakers with more than 1,700 members across Brazil already.

Learn more about the event and register today.