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COP 28

Climate Reality at COP 28

Climate Reality will be out in force at the UN climate summit.
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This year’s 28th Conference of the Parties (COP), underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, promises to be the most important COP since COP 21 in 2015, where the Paris Agreement was adopted.

After all, we’re nearing the end of what is likely to be the hottest year on record. It’s been a year of unprecedented climate disasters, adding fresh urgency to the talks. This year has shown that the incremental approach many countries are taking to reducing emissions is just not enough to stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis – that we need large-scale systems change to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

We have to act now.

And that is what Climate Reality is working for at COP 28. It’s critical that we make our demands to world leaders crystal clear and work for an agreement at COP 28 to:

  1.  Phase out all fossil fuels and fossil fuel subsidies.
  2.  Increase funding for climate solutions in countries that are most impacted.
  3.  Reform future COP processes so fossil fuel interests can't block progress.


How do we do it?

With grassroots people power on the ground at this vital conference. Our Climate Reality Leader super-activists and global branches, not to mention our founder and chairman, former US Vice President Al Gore, are all at COP 28 fighting for what matters most – a sustainable future free of fossil fuels and powered by clean energy.

Branches at Work

Several of our branches are presenting panels and exhibits at various pavilions throughout COP. Climate Reality Brazil presented a panel on climate education as a tool to achieve climate justice at the Green Education Partnership Pavilion on Dec. 4 and 6, and will host a panel on transforming education for a greener future on Dec. 8.

Our Philippines and Africa branches hosted an exhibit and panel discussion titled “Rewrite COP” at the Ghana and Sri Lanka pavilions on Dec. 6. That same day, Climate Reality Indonesia hosted “Coffee in a Changing Climate – Impacts and Solutions” at the Indonesia Pavilion. And on Dec. 9, our Africa, Canada, and Philippines branches are joining forces for a daylong exhibit on “climartivism” titled “When is Now” at the Canada Pavilion.

“Not a Fossil Fuel Lobbyist”

Climate Reality and our branches are also distributing “Not a fossil fuel lobbyist” pins at COP 28.

At COP 27, the number of fossil fuel lobbyists rose 25% from just the previous year. To call attention to this, we produced and will be distributing pins for attendees to wear that identify them as NOT fossil fuel lobbyists. Given that this COP is in UAE, a petro state, the use of these badges will keep the issue of fossil fuel lobbying at a climate conference front and center.

End Subsidies for Big Polluters

Ahead of COP 28 and throughout the event, Climate Reality has been collecting signatures calling on leaders from the G20 group of major economies to end the giveaways to fossil fuel companies making billions in profits driving climate devastation. Instead of speeding the just clean energy transition we need, governments gave away an estimated $1.3 trillion in handouts to the fossil fuel industry destroying our climate in 2022 alone.

At COP 28, Climate Reality and our branches are distributing informational postcards that include a QR code to the petition, demanding an end to all subsidies for fossil fuel companies. You can join us by signing the petition here.

Climate Reality Leaders Demand Change

On the ground at COP 28 and during our 24 Hours of Reality: On the Ground at COP 28 media event (more on that below), we will be sharing demands from our Climate Reality Leaders and broader network of supporters on what they hope to see come out of this year’s UN climate conference.

In the lead up to COP 28, we sought out personal stories from climate advocates from around the world that highlight the three COP 28 demands listed above (phase out fossil fuels, increase funding for solutions, reform the COP process). We asked our network to respond to three related prompts:

  • How will phasing out fossil fuels, increasing funding for climate solutions, or reforming future COP processes impact you and your community?
  • What actions do you want world leaders to take at this year’s COP 28 conference?
  • Share your personal experience with issues like emissions reduction, climate finance, greenwashing, or COP reform.


We received written and video responses to these demands, with the intention of sharing them across multiple avenues. Some would be shared on Climate Reality’s social media channels during the COP conference. Some would be shared during 24 Hours of Reality. And others would be shared directly on the ground at COP 28 at the ICLEI and Ghana pavilions in Dubai.

Our hope was that this action would allow us to provide a broad spectrum of demands and hear directly from our supporters to ensure that we are advocating as accurately as possible on their behalf.

24 Hours of Reality

In an effort to bring the happenings at COP 28 directly to audiences all over the world, Climate Reality is hosting 24 Hours of Reality: On the Ground at COP 28 today (Dec. 7)!

Join us for a day of stories, interviews, and more streamed from Dubai as we go to the heart of the global response to the climate crisis. It's your chance to hear from negotiators inside talks to phase out fossil fuels and stop global warming – as well as youth voices, Indigenous leaders, and advocates fighting for our future.

Throughout the day, viewers can visit to see behind-the-scenes content from the people working to make change happen at COP as well as conversations on key issues with major players on the ground, Climate Reality Leaders, Climate Reality branch managers, youth activists, and so much more.

Also, be sure to check out our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and TikTok – for more exclusive content streamed directly from the climate conference in Dubai.